Sam Harrison (slytheriness) wrote,
Sam Harrison

Because class is super lame...

STOLEN FROM JULIE-- and better because PICTURES!

TEN things you wish you could say to TEN different people right now:
1. Good luck this weekend, make sure to win.
2. Get out and live your freakin' life.
3. Don't be doing anything I wouldn't do...
4. I miss you-- we should see each other soon.
5. Let's kick ass this weekenddd!
6. Stop bothering me, jesus.
7. Do you actually like me?
8. You realize this could end very badly.
9. Don't worry about things so much, just live your life.
10. YAY! They leave today!

NINE things about yourself:
1. I am very concerned with what I look like all the time.
2. Dancing through stacks of library books is one of the most awesome feelings ever.
3. I enjoy being complimented on my outfits..
4. Consignment shops have become my new favorite thing.
5. I am determined to succeed in life.
6. I am very nervous about the economy.
7. I love talking to people and learning their story.
8. The city is the greatest.
9. I am half mexican and half white.

EIGHT ways to win your heart:
1. Make me laugh.
2. Be smarter than I am.
3. Don't let me win arguments.
4. Spoil me.
5. Be downsiez for cuddling.
6. Smile a lot.
7.  Have the same ambition that I have.
8. Be good in bed.

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
1. Speeeeech.
2. What I can be eating right now.
3. How long I am stuck in class.
4. How my friends who I don't see daily are doing.
5. If my family is still working it out.
6. My future.
7. All the scholarships I have to apply for.

SIX things you do before you fall asleep:
1. Get into p.js
2. Take out my contacts.
3. Wear my glasses.
4. Brush teeth.
5. Set an alarm.
6. Cruise on facebook until I pass out.

FIVE people you can't live without. (friends, not family)
1. Tracey Harrison-- My sister.

2. Cornelius Lee-- My boo who brought me to Western.

3. Joele Denis-- He is so spicy and the person I talk to about everything.

4. Caitlin Swedroe- I mean, she's been around for like 6 years of my life.

5. Whoever the current boy in my life is... Which, right now is Josh.

FOUR things you're wearing right now.
1. My glasses
2. Jeans.
3. A green jacket.
4. Cute strappy black shoes

THREE songs that fit your life perfectly.
1. The Lady is a Tramp-- Frank Sinatra
2. Spice up your life-- The Spice Girls
3. Dreaming of You-- Selena

TWO things you want to do before you die:
1. I want to become apart of the Political Process.
2. Love someone unconditionally.

ONE confession:
1. I don't really know what I'm doing... but it's the best way to live.
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