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Beware the Snakes
They always bite
The End of an ERA. 
29th-May-2008 02:34 am
I just wanted to tell everyone on here that reads this thank you for inflating my ego and enjoying Sam's death.  It means a lot that so many people care my little cunt of a character decided to do the right thing. So, to all those that cried and/or told me they cried, and/or said they enjoyed the post. 


As for my life-- I'm getting kind of tired of being at home.

I'm not motivated to do shit here.  I miss being in Bowling Green with my friends (Who are basically my family) and Neil.  Things are just so much easier their... My family is always too concerned with yelling at one another about everything.  Today, I accidentily knocked over a cup of water onto my dad's laptop and the "V" and the space bar key are on the fritz.  I got yelled at a bunch and it was filled with fail.

I just can't wait to leave on Sunday to go to Arkansas.  Hopefully I can meet some new people there and focus on studying for LSAT's and nothing thinking about stupid Neil.  As stupid as it sounds, I miss just hearing his voice and having someone to talk to all the time.  It makes me sad he's away in Prauge and can't talk on the phone...  I just want him to get back soon.

And that's the end of the boy toy rant.--

Another thing --

I love you. <3
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