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Stolen from Miss. Caitlin Swedrowe. 1.) I'm at work at the… 
16th-Feb-2008 11:06 am

Stolen from Miss. Caitlin Swedrowe.

1.) I'm at work at the Kentucky Library

2.) I'm really bored at work.

3.) I work for SEVEN hours today.

4.) It blows.

5.) It's cold in Kentucky.

6.) I wish I was back in Texas' warmth.

7.) But I have good things in Kentucky.

8.) Neil and I have been dating for a year as of the 12th.

9.) That's crazy talk.

10.) I can't believe I'm a fucking sophomore in College.

11.) Speaking of college-- NIU's school shooting freaked me out.

12.) Random acts of violence frigten me like no other.

13.) I was on NIU's campus a few weeks ago for a speech tournament.

14.) I was watching CNN and one of the places I ate lunch at the tournament was on TV.

15.) That was awkward/frightening.

16.) Scanning things is no fun.

17.) I'm going to Evansville tonight to celebrate my anniversery.

18.) Neil and I were so busy this week, we went to Fresh Foods-- the local cafeteria on campus for our one year anniversery dinner.

19.) It blew-- hard core.

20.) He's making it up though.

21.) I'm not at a speech tournament for the first time in four weeks.

22.) It feels OH so good.

23.) I really should have gone out though.

24.) I need to qualify my After Dinner Speech for American Forensics Association National Tournament.

25.) AFA national's is at the Universtiy of Texas.

26.) If I qualify my ADS then I get to go to AFA for sure.

27.)This makes my heart beat happy.

28.) I didn't get to go to AFA last year.

29.) George Mason University Blows.

30.) They created the 66 rule.

31.) The 66 rule is only for AFA Nationals.

32.) The rule is complicated.

33.) Bare with me as we work it out together.

34.) Every event a person on a team does is an entry.

34.) On average, most people have 5 entries.

35.) George Mason created a rule where at AFA, you can only take 66 entries.

36.) Western's team is FUCKING HUGE.

37.) We usually have around 90 entries qualify for AFA.

38.) This means many people do not get to go to this nationals.

39.) It is considered the most elite nationals, for obvious reasons.

40.) Even qualifying is super difficult.

41.) To qualify, you have to go to three tournaments.

42.) And break to finals.

43.) And your ranks have to add up to less than eight.

44.) For example: At one tournament I get a 2nd place, than a 3rd place, then a 2rd place, I qualify.

45.) Since adding all of those equals seven.

46.) The process is complicated, but weeds out the crappy people.

47.) Each placing you get is called a leg.

48.) The legs in number 44 are the legs I quallified my Poetry on.

49.) I've qualified five events for AFA already.

50.) And seven events for NFA.

51.) NFA is the easier nationals.

52.) You just have to break to finals to qualify.

53.) I'm going to end up qualifying six for AFA, including my ADS.

54.) These events are: Poetry, Duo, ADS, Rhetorical Criticism, Persuasion, and Impromptu.

55.) Since there is a 66 rule, and by talking with my coaches, I will probably end up going to AFA in: ADS, Rehtorical Criticism, Persuasion, and MAYBE duo/impromptu.

56.) I love my ADS/ Duo the mostest.

57.) I hope they do well.

58.) I love speech.

59.) I hope I didn't bore you with all that speech mumbo jumbo.

60.) Probably only Caleb will care.

61.) But that's okay, because at least SOMEONE will care.

62.) I get to go to London in less than a month.

63.) SQUEE!!

64.) Getting to go to IFA (Internationals) this year was a huge goal I accomplished.

65.) My family was very proud of me.

66.) I miss my family.

67.) My mom is annoying, and certainly nagging.

68.) But I miss her.

69.) My dad complains about money too much.

70.) But I miss him too.

71.) I just miss my sister.

72.) And Chris.

73.) And DUKEEEEEEEEEE! Aw, I miss him the most.

74.) And all my friends back home.

75.) And everyone on MSN.

76.) I'm too busy for my own good sometimes.

77.) Oh well, it will pay off when I'm rolling in the dough.

78.) Did I mention I'm going to be wealthy later on in life?

79.) I'm going to be a very wealthy attorney, fighting for those who already have oodles of money.

80.) Yeah, I'm basically going to be the scum of the earth.

81.) But I'm going to even things out before I do.

82.) After I graduate, I'm applying to get a Fullbright scholarship.

83.) They're super prestigious.

84.) The scholarship is a grant to travel anywhere in the world you would like to teach english to kids in said country.

85.) But on top of that-- you have to impact the community you go to.

86.) I'm thinking about starting a speech team where ever I wind up.

87.) Teaching children to speak confidently infront of other people is a valuable life skill.

88.) I'm glad I was taught that.

89.) I'm glad I'm also a nerd.

90.) It brought me to you nerds too.

91.) Which, makes me really happy.


93.) For the 1st time EVER.

94.) I know, fail, right?

95.) I also rented becoming Jane.

96.) I'm excited about it.

97.) I'll think of Julie the whole time.

98.) Speaking of, I'm talking to her right now-- SWEET!

99.) Man, I want to eat something sweet.

100.) Neil and I are doing a trade off.

101.) He's quitting smoking, and I'm giving up sweets.

102.) It SUCKS.

103.) WHOOO Only two more hours of work.

104.) Damn, this is really difficult.

106.) I really want some boots.

107.) I think I'm going to buy some UGG's when I'm in Evansville.

108.) I get to go SHOPPING tonight too.

109.) Hopefully Neil buys me some stuff. :P

110.) I like to be spoiled.

111.) Although, I don't think I know a girl who doesn't?

112.) I got 24 roses for Valentine's day.

113.) 12 were red, 12 were multicolored.

114.) I liked them because they were different.

115.) I'm surprised they're still living.

116.) Green is my favorite color.

117.) I am a Slytherin, through and through.

118.) YAY one more hour of work.

119.) I'm like-- super tired of scanning things.

120.) That's my job, scanning things.

121.) I can't wait until the end of school.

122.) But then I can.

123.) Things are severly going to change next year.

124.) That's scary.

125.) We'll see if Neil and I work out, what with him living in Evansville next year.

126.) OMG the rest of the year though-- is going to be BALLER!

127.) I may get to go to Arkansa for a month this summer for LSAT classes.

128.) I'm very excited, and I hope I get the scholarship for it.

129.) I need to get working on that application, speaking of.

130.) I also get to go on a road trip with Neil's family all over middle america.

131.) Pretty excited about that, although I do have to go camp.

132.) I've never been camping.

133.) Most people think that's crazy when I tell them.

134.) I think it's just I'm a city girl.

135.) But Neil's Cousin is having a wedding in Drew's college town.

136.) So yay! I get to meet Drew!

137.) That makes me super excited, since I've talked to Drew for like-- oh, six or seven years now.

138.) And now I get to punch him for real.

139.) For all the mean things he's said.

140.) That will make me meet-- Three people off the internet.

141.) Caitlin, Caleb, and Drew.

142.) Oh, if my family only knew.

143.) I only need Nels, Tina, Cort, Jai, Jill, Fel and Julie to finish up everyone.

144.) That's still a lot of people.

145.) One day.

146.) Probably in a couple of summers if HP theme park works out.

147.) Man, I can't wait for that day.

148.) Caitlin's getting dRUNK!

149.) Well, everyone is, really.

150.) Talk about a HOOT!

151.) Man, ipods are glorious things.

152.) Pretty glad I have one.


154.) Please note I've been doing things in between writting this thing.

155.) That's why time jumps so rapidly.

156.) I've done some cool stuff today.

157.) My job yeilds some excitment every now and again.

158.) Got to handel newspaper from 1919 earlier today.

159.) Not with gloves though, Julie.

160.) Oh, to continue with my year.

161.) I also turn TWENTY ONE this year.

162.) I am SO pumped.

163.) My mom is turning 50 the same time.

164.) Our birthday's are in December.

165.) This means my family is GOING TO VEGAS!

166.) Along with some others.

167.) Chris, Brien, and Andrew are going

168.) As are Neil and his Family.

170.) And possibly some other friends.

171.) It should be pretty baller.

172.) I'm excited for Spring Break though.

173.) I get two weeks, while everyone else only gets one.

174.) SUCKAS!

175.) I'm excused from school to go to London for one week.

176.) And Spring Break week I'm going to Dallas.

177.) That should be fun.

178.) Neil's going to finally get to meet my mom.

179.) Hopefully she likes him.

180.) The rest of the family did, so let's hope.

181.) I'm getting chinese tonight.

182.) STOKED.

183.) Ugh, this is getting hard.

184.) Did I mention my coach said it was cool if we go to Kings Cross while we're london.

185.) YAY For accomplishing life goals.

186.) I have this list of random life goals to accomplish.

187.) One of them is taking a picture at Platform 9 and 3/4.

188.) Another is swimming with dolphins.

189.) Which I also have done.

190.) Another is doing a back flip.

191.) Which I also did.

192.) Another is Owning a basketball team.

193.) And owning a race horse.

194.) Yeah, Haven't done those.

195.) YAY five left.

196.) I will leave you with these parting words.

197.) I love each one of you who read this.

198.) Because you were about as bored as I was when I read Caitlin's

199.) You should do it too.

200.) Love, Sam.

16th-Feb-2008 10:44 pm (UTC)
59.) I hope I didn't bore you with all that speech mumbo jumbo.

I skipped most of it, to be honest.

146.) Probably in a couple of summers if HP theme park works out.
147.) Man, I can't wait for that day.
148.) Caitlin's getting dRUNK!
149.) Well, everyone is, really.

Or maybe not. If we go to Downtown Disney, I'm going to chill at the movie theater, catch up with you guys later, and then take really embarrassing - blackmail-tastic photos of you guys.

198.) Because you were about as bored as I was when I read Caitlin's

: (
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